Author: Ron WZ Sun

Cognitive Bias in Profiling

Many of you have learned about number patterns and have linked it to particular traits. And you learned that the person(s) having such a pattern in their birth charts will inhibit, experience, and/or display...


Want to join me in a coaching session?

It’s been some time. I’m glad the number of visitors on this site has increased even though I’ve not posted articles frequently these days. Well, the over a thousand articles published to date would...


On EON PROFILING course in June 2022

Good news if you’re sincerely waiting to learn how to profile and analyse someone using Elements of Numbers (EON) profile method. By now, many of you may have taken numerology courses given by other...


On 4-9-4 Relationship

There have been few searches on “compatibility, compatibility year, compatible, and 494, 494 relationship” made recently. In this article, I will share a few insights into the compatibility aspects between two people, and highlight...

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