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MBTI, Enneagram, DISC, and EON

I read an article from the Vulcan Post article, titled, “Dear Bosses, Stop Thinking The MBTI Test Will Help You Hire & Build Your Dream Team” recently. I agree with the author, Faye Lee,...


Nancy & Her Career Vibes Again

After posting the earlier article “Nancy & Her Career Vibes” on Tuesday, I texted Nancy and asked her to check the article out. Here’s an edited WhatsApp extract of our conversation: Ron: My observations...


Nancy & Her Career Vibes

I received a WhatsApp message in early August from Nancy, who wrote, “I would like to enrol for the FEN workshop. Please advise how to do it and how to start from here. Or...


On UCMHP’s Career Choice

According to the UCMHP method, the steps to determine the “career choice” is depending on the Five Elements cycles and the Birth Root number on an individual’s chart. This means if the Birth Root...


On Gerald: Impact of Past Behaviours

Priscilla is from Australia and attended my EON WORKSHOP class some years back. Over the years, I have added more information and techniques to share with my students. As a result, the topic that...

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